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Ardent Events offers the following courses and can tailor training to suite bespoke requirements

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Whether you are looking for Corporate Training, Private/Individual Training or Group Training, we’ll make sure you have a unique tailor-made training experience that’s designed especially for you or your business.

We can provide off road training to employees and professional 4×4 users who need to be trained to drive safely and efficiently over challenging terrain. This training can be carried out at either of our two facilities; at Carlton Towers near Selby or at Askham Bryan Agricultural College, just outside York.

All disciplines can be covered at these facilities, or our instructors can carry out training at your own facility or in the environment you need to cover.

Training can be given individually or in groups, with a maximum of five per instructor. All of our instructors are RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) qualified, with many years of experience of off road driving and training.Customers can use their own vehicles in order that they become fully familiarised with the vehicles, or the can choose vehicles from our fleet.

Training Courses Available

We offer the following standard training courses or can tailor to your needs – please contact us for more detail at

Winching in Safety

This course aims to develop the candidates winching skills, from simple recovery pulls to more complicated winching techniques.

The candidate will learn how to operate a winch system in complete safety under the guidance of a fully trained instructor.

1 or 2 Day Professional Off-Road Driver Training

For many people driving is often the most dangerous work-related activity, especially if much of that driving is off road.

This course aims to teach the basic principles to driving safely off road, including driving on unfamiliar surfaces, mud, rocks and ruts. Negotiating steep gradients and travelling through water, whilst looking after yourself and your vehicle.

5 Day Off Road Driver Training Instructor Course

We can also train you to become an off-road driving instructor. By undertaking this 5-day course our trained professional drivers will assess your abilities to drive a 4×4 both on and off road, along with your capabilities to pass on your knowledge to other in a competent, safe and informative manner.

ATV Vehicle Driver/ Rider Training 1 or 2 days

This course can be delivered to drivers of ‘sit in’ or ‘sit on’ ATV vehicles. It will give the candidates the knowledge and skills to operate a ATV vehicle safely both on and off the road. Elements of the course teach safe driving/ riding of the vehicle on smooth level ground but also rough terrain. Teaching balance and control of the ATV.

How To Book

To arrange any of the above courses, or to talk to us about bespoke training for your company, contact us at

The Importance of Training your Workforce

It is becoming increasingly important to ensure as a business owner that all your employees receive the correct training required to undertake the job roles efficiently but most importantly SAFELY! Due to the PUWER act which regulations deal with the work equipment and machinery used every day in work places and aims to keep people safe whilst undertaking work using this equipment.

Use of a 4×4 or ATV vehicle falls under the PUWER act meaning if you use a 4×4 or ATV vehicle for your job, you must be given the relevant training. HSE guidelines state that driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do, and that employers have a duty to assess, train and supervise staff who drive as part of their job, to reduce the risks their staff face and create when they drive for work.

Many of us have driven a variety of vehicles and many have driven 4×4’s for as long as they can remember. However, as vehicles change and improve with new technology, it is important to keep up to date with how these vehicles work and perform on and off road. There are always situations we will all encounter which will have not come across before in our day to day jobs. This is especially true when driving off the beaten track. Ensuring your employees have the correct knowledge to deal with these scenarios can help prevent accidents, injuries and save you and your company money in the long term.

In the past we have carried out training for customers such as North Yorkshire Park Rangers, Calder Valley Search and Rescue and Eggborough Power Station.

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