Good tyres – meaning all terrain or better. Large remould mud tyres are not allowed as they can damage the terrain and we like to preserve the environment we drive in.

Vehicles with HI/LOW gear boxes, recovery points and every vehicle taking part must be in a good serviceable condition.

Soft off-roaders like Renegade/Freelander are OK on some of our treks but not on all.

You’ll need suitable clothing for the time of year and where we’re travelling to as well as good, sensible footwear and an ample supply of drinks and snacks.

This adventuring uses up a lot of energy! If we’re going overland you may also need camping equipment and health checks.

Ardent Adventures welcomes families and we readily give information on local history and points of interest. We like you to get involved

Please note: You will need your own travel insurance, as well as breakdown cover, and to make sure that your vehicle is insured and taxed.