There’s always more to your 4×4

One of the questions we are often asked as a training provider is ‘why should I pay for someone to teach my employees to drive a 4×4 that they have been driving for years’?

HSE guidelines state that driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do, and that employers have a duty to assess, train and supervise staff who drive as part of their job, to reduce the risks their staff face and create when they drive for work.

Many of us have driven a variety of vehicles and many have driven 4×4’s for as long as they can remember. However, as vehicles change and improve with new technology, it is important to keep up to date with how these vehicles work and perform on and off road.

There are always situations we will all encounter which will have not come across before in our day to day jobs. This is especially true when driving off the beaten track. Ensuring your employees have the correct knowledge to deal with these scenarios can help prevent accidents, injuries and save you and your company money in the long term.

Ardent Events

Ardent Events run many different off-road training courses that can be tailored to suit your needs. All our staff are fully trained professional off-road driving instructors with a wealth of knowledge to help you get the best out of our courses.
We offer a variety of different off-road driver training courses which we are happy to tailor to suit the needs of the candidates. By taking the time to assess how your employees use their vehicles and what type of terrain they drive on we can ensure the course is focused on enhancing their skills in these areas.

We also like to use the vehicles in which they drive every day, it is important they learn the techniques required to drive their own vehicles. If you drive a crew cab pick-up for your job then that’s what you will be taught in, it’s great to have a good understanding of how your 4-wheel drive system works, this allows the user to get the most of their vehicle and to know its limitations.

Along with driver training we also provide courses on how to Winch in Safety, including safe recovery techniques, general winching procedure and self-recovery. ATV, UTV and working near water courses are also available.

ATV vehicles can be extremely dangerous when the correct training is not provided to the user.

There have been many instances where accidents have occurred and in some cased people have lost their lives due to poor operation of a Quad bike or similar.

In these cases, the employer has suffered also due to compensation claims for not providing the correct training to the employee. Accidents like this can cost your business money in claims and damage to vehicles and property, they are prime examples as to why training courses are so important.
Appropriate training is not just something for an employer to consider for their staff using a 4×4 vehicle for work. It is something which should be considered by anyone driving a 4×4.

With many different types of 4-wheel drive systems now in use it is a good idea for the day to day 4×4 driver to understand exactly how their vehicles work. This knowledge can help you understand how your vehicle may behave differently to a normal road car in certain situations such as snow and ice.

Many people in winter may jump in their Land Rover Defender with the thought that they are safe from the hazards on the icy roads. However, with a high centre of gravity, lots of traction but no more stopping power than a normal car they can increase the risk of injury to not just the driver but others also on the roads.

Understanding your vehicle and perfecting driving skills in hazardous conditions can help to reduce the risk of an accident and save you money in the future.

Training Courses Available

1 Day Professional 4×4 Driver Training

2 Day Professional 4×4 Driver Training

ATV & UTV Training

Trailer Training (This is not a trailer test)

Winching in Safety

Working Near Water

Ladies Days

Group training sessions are available for clubs etc who would like to enhance their skills.


Whether you just want to learn more about your own 4×4, are looking to set off on a 4×4 expedition and need to top up your driving skills or are a business with employees using 4×4 vehicles for work Ardent Events can tailor a training course to your needs.

Get in touch to learn more about what we can offer or for a quote.

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